Tutorial and Code for the ‘Building and Publishing Apps for the Chrome Web Store’ I/O BootCamp Lab

I/O BootCamp is an event that takes place the day before Google I/O begins and is filled with beginner-level lectures and labs to get attendees acquainted with Google’s main developer products and platforms. I was really excited to lead a lab at I/O BootCamp this year about building and publishing apps for the Chrome Web Store, along with two awesome TAs, Alex Levich and Kathy Walrath. Unlike the lectures, the labs aren’t recorded, so I’m posting the tutorial and source code for anyone who wasn’t able to attend in person.

The tutorial walks you through the process of building a packaged web app, BootCamp Clock, and publishing it in the Chrome Web Store. It also covers best practices and resources where you can dive deeper and learn more.

Source Code
You can get the source code for the finished app in two ways: by downloading a zip file or on github. The github version also contains the supporting files such as screenshots and promo images that you need for the app listing page.

If you attended the lab in person, I’d like to get your feedback. And if you’re reading along and publish any apps after going through the tutorial, whether it’s an advanced version of BootCamp Clock or something entirely new, please let me know in the comments!

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