Chrome hackathon recap

On February 19, I had the opportunity to speak at a Chrome hackathon in Cambridge that was organized by the Mass GTUG and sponsored by HubSpot and General Catalyst. The materials for the tutorial I led on building a packaged app are posted here. Jason Glasgow, an engineer from the Cambridge Google office also gave a talk on Chromium OS.

About 50 developers attended the event, and 11 apps and extensions were demoed at the end of the day. I was impressed to see so many people stay the whole time, working right up until the end. The two demo teams that got the most votes each got a Cr-48.

Clutter, built by Victor Costan and Ying Yin lets you browse multiple websites in a single tab. This can be a really useful extension for Chrome OS users.

Demo of the Clutter extension

Katherine Fang and Wolfe Styke built a sidebar extension for, where you can add or delete notes and search.

Demo for extension

Some of the other demos were:

  • A todo extension that parses tasks from a text file and displays them with a nice and motivational UI.
  • A Google Analytics extension to view data overlaid on your website.
  • An enhanced version of the countdown app that moved 3D shapes as the timer counted down.
  • Automato, an extension for streamlining workflows.
  • Etherpads, an extension that helps you keep track of etherpads that you’ve visited.
  • A Chrome Web Store app for
  • A packaged app version of GWT Tetris.
  • Newstube, an extension that pulls in YouTube videos related to headings from pages you visit and displays them in a cool, radial view.
  • A hosted app to display a social wallboard.
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